Warranties & Manufacturer Contact Information

Any warranty on a manufacturer's product will apply when purchased on Best-Value-Electronics.com. To receive a free copy of the manufacturer's warranty, either before you buy or as a replacement, write to:

Attn: Warranty Request
Customer Care, Best-Value-Electronics
P.O. 6836
McKinney, Texas 75070

Or call 800.937.1917
You can also visit Best-Value-Electronics.com.

For all warranties and manufacturing information (when available) visit the bottom of that particular product description under the store drop down web page for that particular web page category.

Manufacturers' Contact Information

For all questions on all products including warranties and manufacturers information contact Best-Value-Electronics.com at bestvaluelectronicscstomersrvc@gmail.com or contact customer service at 800-937-1917.

Best-Value-Electronics.com will accept returns or exchanges for products up to 30 days after delivery.