Big Bang Theory Trivia Game

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Big Bang Theory Trivia Game

For Fun, Education or Entertaining you really should purchase this game. Friends and family will love this game. Answer questions about Sheldon's quirks that will make everyone laugh.


Join the cast of the hit TV show in this trivia game with 400+ questions to test your knowledge on all sorts of topics. In a fact or fiction style answer questions about comics, video games, science, movie, sc-fi and fantasy. The trivia is theoretical, but the fun is real. 

What makes our Big Bang Theory Trivia Game better than other Big Bang Theory Games on the market? We have 400 +  questions while all the other Big Bang Theory Games retailers only have 100 questions to test your knowledge on all sorts of topics. If you are a comic or science fiction fan you will love this game.

Product Details:

  • Recommended for Ages: 12 years and up
  • Includes Trivia from the show and the characters interests
  • Measurements: 10.5 x 10.5 x 2.8 inches
  • Play rounds of Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard and Spock
  • 400+ questions
  • Official Licensed Merchandise

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Fun, Easiest Game To Learn I Have Ever Played

This is the most easy to learn game that I have ever played.

You don't even start at a particular location. You just grab a character like Sheldon, Leonard, or even the broken elevator, place it randomly on the board, and take turns tossing dice to move around the board also in a random manner. It doesn't matter which way you go. When you land on a FACT of FICTION space you answer a question about a fact in the show, or about a fictional character that was mentioned in the show.

If you answer the question right, you get a character card. When you get all 5 characters, Sheldon, Leonard, Raj, Howard, and Penny you win.

There is this fun aspect that you can take other people's cards. To do so, you land on Rock, Paper, Scissors, Spock, Lizard, and play the game with the opponent of your choice. If you win, you can take one of their cards. The only learning curve for us was trying to remember the if Spock takes scissors or Lizard.

It's FUN! My 10 year old child beat me yesterday. So you can see it's really for all ages as long as they like the Big Bang Theory. If you haven't seen the show, don't buy this. But for fans, it's a blast!

I bet I could beat Will Wheaton. Well... if not me, my 10 year old could for sure!


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